#HangOnToIt is a campaign that celebrates the beauty of reliable, long-lasting connections and the substantiated fact that such bonds, created, nurtured, and protected, lead to happiness unlike anything else. An ode to the lost art of holding on to meaningful relationships, it encapsulates that infrequent as it may be if you are fortunate enough to build one that withstands the test of time, it is totally worth it that you Hang on to it.

Since day one, The Jacket Maker has taken the idea of #HangOnToIt as a credo and in the throw-away culture expressed its love for longevity through creations destined to last not for a season but for every season of life. We do not bring together just panels & linings but keep a hawk's eye on everything to deliver everyone a rich in quality, and high in craftsmanship jacket so you'll always feel proud of saying, "yes! It's my favorite & I Hang on To It."

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